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Routine Surgery
Our veterinarians and hospital are equipped to deal with a variety of routine and emergency surgeries onsite.

These can include:
  • Routine spays and neuters +/- gastropexy surgery
  • Lumpectomies
  • Dentals with extractions
  • Wound and abscess repairs
  • Foreign body surgeries and other emergency surgeries

For small dermal warts, we offer a procedure very similar to what is practiced in most human dermatology offices. With a short day visit to our hospital, these small warts and masses can be frozen off with minimal pain and down time and no general anesthesia. The animals are awake the whole time and the procedure is very well tolerated. If interested, please call for more information.

Advanced soft tissue and orthopedic surgery consultations
We are very lucky to have a close working relationship with a fantastic local specialist veterinary surgeon. On occasion we are able to consult with him on complicated cases to get your pet the best possible treatment available. The Veterinary Surgery Center of Sturbridge also now offers laprascopic surgeries (including spays and gastropexies) and stem cell therapies.